Weldon Rated Best In Flavoring Category

Many readers of gourmet magazines are fans of The Nibble, a popular gourmet e-zine that, on average, has over 65,000 visitors to its site each month.  After taste testing Weldon Coffee Flavorings, The Nibble rated them “Best in Category” in its September 5, 2008 edition. But, those at The Nibble are not the only ones rating Weldon Flavorings best after tasting them.

CONSUMER REVIEWS --From Coast To Coast and Internationally

I'm beyond thrilled with Weldon's flavorings. I love flavorings in my lattes, coffee and tea, but they were impossible to find without sugar or artificial sweetener. Weldon's flavorings are wonderful and I can adjust the sweetness - if I want any - by the amount of Stevia I add. I can't decide which is my favorite; I LOVE THEM ALL
~Catherine G
Buffalo, NY

Until this week, my favorite Weldon Flavorings were French Vanilla and Hazelnut. However, this week I tried the Coffee Cake flavoring as well as the Mango Orange Passion Fruit tea flavoring and I am so glad I did! Now it is hard to decide which I like best. Weldon Flavorings are wonderful and most importantly, they are sugarfree!
~Donna W
Louisville, KY

The new flavor, blueberry pancakes, is best yet. I've tried other blueberry flavored syrups and they seem to overwhelm whatever I put them in or on. This flavor doesn't. It complements the coffee; it doesn't overwhelm it. I had the wonderful taste of coffee and blueberries. Great addition to the Weldon Flavorings.
~Judith S
Greenville, NC

I looked long and hard for a sugar-free cinnamon flavoring for my coffee and tea and all the ones I tried were way too sweet and had a "fake" flavor! Then trough alot of looking on the net I found your site and was thrilled at what I read. No sweeteners just real flavor! I was even more thrilled when I tried your product. Really adds wonderful flavor! Just purchased a refill bottle. Keep up nthe great work Dennis!
~Ellen S
Brookfield, WI

"I'm using the French Vanilla in our milkshakes. I did a blind taste test with the vanilla syrup I had been using and Weldon's French Vanilla with the result unanimous that Weldon's was better!"
~Julie P
B & K Drive In, Monterey, IN

“I love the flavorings. They are exactly what I need to create the layers of flavor in the Hot Chocolate (the specialty of the house) without adding more sweetness.”
Culinary Options Consultancy, Ca
(Consults clients such as Ocean Spray, Starbucks and others)

“How wonderful to sit and savor the taste from your flavorings! I love the fact that they are unsweetened since I like my coffee black. Thanks for a superb product. The aroma is wonderful as I put the cup to my lips.”
~Carol P
Washington, NC

“How sweet it is without sugar or artificial sweetener. We swirl a small amount of your gourmet flavoring in our coffee, and use it to perk up oatmeal, pancakes and even our water. Best of all, I no longer buy flavored yogurt (artificial sweeteners). Now I just get regular yogurt and mix in one of our flavors...French Vanilla, Hazelnut or Amaretto.”
~Maria P
Louisville, KY

“I just received my order, and I am extremely pleased with the flavorings. I have never tried your products before and just purchased them on-line on a whim. Sure am glad I did!”
~Edwin A
Urbana, Ohio

"The flavorings arrived safely today. I tried some of them. I love them!!!"
Chuo-Ku Chiba, Japan

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