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The Weldon's serve their Sugar Free Flavorings on the Specialty Coffee Cart

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1995—Weldon Develops Sugar Free Flavorings

Welcome, and thanks for visiting Weldon Flavorings. Years ago, while running our coffee catering business, we searched for flavorings that let every person customize a cup of coffee to their individual taste. But, all the flavors we found included something we didn’t want—sweetener, syrup, or creamer. So, in 1995 we developed liquid flavorings that are just pure sugar free flavorings that contain no sweeteners or syrups, calories, carbs, fats, sodium, creamer or caffeine. Weldon lets every person start with just black coffee in their cup and customize the flavoring to their individual taste—adding creamer and sweetener, if desired.

coffee flavoring syrups The Weldon Gourmet Flavor Station™
This serving set includes the Weldon decorative, wire caddy and three flavorings of your choice. It neatly stores and displays the 4 oz pump bottles of flavoring on your kitchen counter using very little space. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion.

What’s Swirling In Your Cup?

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